Beam Bridges

Janson Bridging's Beam Bridges (type JSK) have been specially developed to carry all traffic, permitted on public roads, and therefore meet the heaviest traffic class (Eurocode LM1). The beam bridge is often used as a temporary or semi-permanent bridge for construction or public traffic. A low-profile bridge concept was deliberately chosen for the design, which means that these bridges need relatively small approach and exit ramps. To make it easier for the customer, standard Janson approach lanes can be supplied from stock. The bridge and ramps are then prepared as much as possible in our yard so that they can be easily assembled on site. If required, a temporary bridge platform can also be chosen and a discretionary configuration can be made using barriers, thereby creating a separate traffic and pedestrian section. Solutions including a separate driving lane and cycle path with a safety rail are also possible.

Features of a Janson Bridging Beam Bridge

The Janson Bridging Beam Bridge can be installed rapidly due to the efficient coupling system and integrated lifting lugs. Each element has an effective road surface width of 1.5 or 2.1 metres. They are interchangeable and can be coupled laterally. The outermost elements can be fitted with a safety rail or parapet. An exterior footpath is also an option. The top layer of the Janson JSK Beam Bridge consists of an anti-skid surface, which consists of epoxy resin embedded with aggregate. In order to increase the usability of this bridge system, high grade steel was used. Consequently, the Janson JSK bridge system is virtually always usable. An appropriate calculation can be made to requirements if necessary: Janson Bridging JSK bridges meet all European and American AASHTO standards.

Note: in 2012, Europe introduced a new standard to which temporary bridges must comply: the Eurocode. The new Eurocode replaces the old standards, such as: the German DIN Fachbericht 101/103, the Britse BS5400 HA loading BD37/01, Italian 1st category, French Fascicule Français class Bc,

The beam bridge elements have the following dimensions:

  • Width: 1,50m of 2,1m
  • Length: 9, 10,5m, 13,5m, 15,7m en 21m
  • Low-profile elements: JSK300 9mtr 290MM, JSK450 (overige) 450mm

Uses for Janson Bridging Beam Bridges

The Janson Bridging beam bridges are often used for motorways, provincial roads, urban areas, construction sites, heavy duty and railways. The Janson Beam Bridge is especially suitable for laying a bridge over an existing bridge at times when the capacity of the existing bridge is temporarily inadequate.

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