Panel Bridges

The Janson Panel Bridge was designed to outperform existing panel systems available on the market by providing additional flexibility in construction methods, minimizing the number of components and tools required, providing flexibility in bearing methods, high fatigue resistance, higher safety margins, permissible high loads, optimum containerization, use for railways, flexibility in deck capacity and deck types and the use of standard available fasteners. A single or multi-span bridge can be constructed using standard tools and equipment.

Janson's Panel Bridge system is a modular system whereby the basic components, modular rectangular panels of 3.048 m in length, are pinned and bolted together to form the longitudinal trusses of the bridge.

The trusses can be assembled in various constructions to form girders whose strength is tailored to suit the span and loading of the individual bridge. The transoms carrying the traffic decks are positioned between the longitudinal trusses and are available in 3 different widths. Standard deck units are available in 6 different capacity types and are bolted directly to the transoms.

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