Pedestrian Bridges

Sale and Rental of Pedestrian Bridges

The Janson Bridging pedestrian bridges use standard support materials (pillars) and stairs. These pedestrian systems have therefore been used for many years at various well-known events, such as the Nijmegen Four Day and the North Sea Jazz Festival. Janson Bridging has two types of pedestrian bridges: the Pedestrian Panel Bridge and the Pedestrian Truss Bridge.

Janson Pedestrian Panel Bridge (JPB Ped)

Janson's Pedestrian Panel Bridge system (Code JPB-Ped) is designed for temporary and permanent use wherever light traffic bridges with a span of up to 61 metres are required. On sites that are inaccessible to telecranes, the bridges can be erected using the standard cantilever launch method. The assembly of the bridge can be carried out under the supervision of an experienced bridge engineer. Single or multi-span bridges can be assembled using standard equipment.

The Janson Pedestrian Panel bridge was designed with a minimal construction width, which can be transported to the construction site fully pre-assembled per axle. The individual bridge bays are pinned together to the desired bridge lengths. The bays can be reinforced in different ways to form trusses whose strength is tailored to the required span and loading. Specially designed "U"-shaped transoms are connected to the trusses using bolts. Along with a wind cover, a pedestrian deck and pedestrian fencing, they form a stable bridging unit. The bridge comes in 3 standard deck widths, being 2, 2.5 and 3mtr.

Janson Pedestrian Truss Bridge (PSB Ped)

Janson's Pedestrian Truss bridge system (Code PSB Ped) is designed for temporary and permanent applications where pedestrian bridges with spans up to 48 metres are required. The pedestrian Truss bridge system is a modular system, and the length of the fields is built using standard interchangeable components into modular fields of 4.0 meters. All components are bolted together using standard fasteners.

The cross beams to which the pedestrian decks are confirmed, are positioned between the side beams. Pedestrian fencing can be attached to the inside of the beams. The bridge comes in 3 standard deck widths.